Turning Textile Waste into Durable Products

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Our planet is suffering and what we wear is part of the issue

Fashion industry is using more and more cotton crops, more and more water, more and more chemicals, for cheaper and faster items…
creating more and more … WASTE!

…from these premises, our Mission…

We are an innovative startup focused on the development and offer of new circular products, trasforming textile scraps into durable products and ecological packaging.

sfondo foglie nazena

Our target is collecting and transforming 255 tons of textile scraps within 2025, reducing
greenhouse gas emissions in the environment.

255 t textiles wastes = 102 homes' energy use for one year
sfondo foglie nazena


“Try to leave this world a little better than you found it”
(R. Baden-Powell)


We want to reduce waste, given by both over-consumption and overproduction.
Our products are the symbol of what can be recovered in nature without drawing on virgin resources.

Life Cycle Design

Product designing, environmentally aware, must include the entire life cycle of a product by evaluating all its components. We aim to optimize the useful life of products, in order to employ resources and production processes with low environmental impact, to rationalize the distribution phase and to plan their disposal (recovery, reuse, recycling).


We always want to experience new opportunities. We believe that collaboration is the only way to find innovative solutions for a healthier environment and society.

Your today’s wornout clothes will become our tomorrow’s resources!

Circular Economy explained in 3 minutes:

how outputs of one industry can become inputs for another one…


Help us in the journey towards environmental sustainability!

How would like your old dress to be transformed into?
Let us know!
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