Turning Textile Waste into Durable Products

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Nazena is an innovative startup committed in finding new lives to textile waste.

Through our patented process, we are able to recover textile remains and transform them in other products, In this way we can guarantee a second life for fabrics that today are not being recycled …

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… Preserving and recovering the maximum input capacity, textile remains, and creating very high value output products.

100 million tons of textiles produced every year in the world …
just 1 percent is recycled: 980 thousand tons.
The remain ends up in landfills or is incinerated.
But many of these textile waste can still be reused in new applications!

By processing textile scraps that would otherwise have to be disposed of in landfills or incinerators, we are able to reduce by:
– 53% global warming;
– 45% photochemical oxidation (smog)
– 95% eutrophication of water.

1 kg di vestiti recuperati = 3,76 kg in meno di CO2
1 kg of recycling clothes = - 3,76 kg of CO2

For 1 kg of recovered clothes we will be able to save (do not emit) 3.76 kg of CO2.

The equivalent of 4 hot showers!

Do you want to know how much CO2 you produce? Click here:

sfondo foglie nazena

Your today’s wornout clothes will become our tomorrow’s resources!

find out how you can contribute!

sfondo foglie nazena